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Monday, October 18, 2010

Increasingly Furious Tactics

Alright, time for me to chime in and show what I've been up to :D
Diesel Valkyrie is waiting to be put into the vast interwebs.  I will make sure to do a post when it is officially online along with some image/art on the project.  In the meantime, I will bug you with art from an iphone/ipad project currently in development by my company [Bella Machina Studios Inc.], Broken Kings and Big Stack Studios.  Thank you for your feedback folks, it was a close one but we decided to go with animal based units.  It'll be fun.
Not all the portraits are complete, but I will show you what we have so far.  We're starting with a simple contingent of  7 animal units [excluding the mobile base/fortress]:
Our staple units for the mice [from left to right]:
I also want to take this opportunity to show the portrait system with other planned units.  Let's introduce a feline counterpart for the footsoldier:

[feline portraits provided by fellow artist and partner in crime, Cil Cheung]

Please stay tuned for more info coming this week :] !

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