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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project Valkyrie 003

The game play itself is developing at a brisk pace.  Granted the game play is relatively straightforward and derived from existing examples, but it definitely helps keep a fire under my ass when the co-designer is spearheading the production.  I need to hurry up and get all 8 directions [5 unique directions, 3 are mirrored] for Brunhilde, our heroine.
Apart from an evident colour change [Mike much prefered camo-based colours, I was on the fence, but eventually agreed that it will work out best], I've redesigned the guns.  In particular, I made sure the guns cast a strong silhouette, in this case, a shape reminiscent of certain tank turrets.  I have to bear in mind that the character will remain small ingame and so focusing on minor details yields little results in the long run [no pun intended, honest].  Only large shapes and patterns are recognizable once the character is shrunk onto a game screen.

In other news, more sketches :D !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Valkyrie 002

Refined the protagonist concept a little bit [her name is Brunhilde by the way ;3 ] and decided on a potential colour scheme.  I threw in a quick colour and texture for the background, something desaturated and med-high value, since that will be the predominant setting for backgrounds.  In contrast to that, I purposely chose the baby blue and yellow as Brunhilde's colours because it forces her to "pop" on top of the play screen.  Plus, it's a "regal" colour set and will help differentiate her from the primarily green-brown-ish zombies.  The last thing people need is loosing track of the player piece during gameplay.  The blue-yellow combo may not be her final colour set, but the high saturation will remain.

Also, once the image is shrunk to the in game size of 48x64, one can notice the guns disappearing into the background.  This is something I will have to fix since seeing the guns recoil and animate is essential for visual feedback and general sense of kick-ass-ness.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Project Valkyrie 001-Quick Character Concepts

It occurred to me that I might as well be a little more transparent in regards to my game development process, seeing as I have not bound myself to an NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement].  It would be very hard to sue myself ...although I'm sure with enough legal hoops and lawyer creativity, such a precedent would be possible.

Hypothetical musings aside, Project Valkyrie is a simple top down, move and shoot game.  We plan on having some fun with the weapons, but the game play itself will be pretty standard.  Here's a quick sketch of our heroine, Brunhilde, here with weapons and what seems to be oddly rendered wheels: [Note to self:  Draw angled ellipses more often].

Wojcik, my co-developer and cohort at Likwidgames, mentioned that wheeled legs gave a "Rosie", of Jetson's fame, -type feel.  I was inclined to agree with him and so I experimented with a pair of petite sexy legs:
It'll make the animations a little tougher but I think having her sashay around the screen with two huge gun-arms makes for fun visualization.

As for the enemies, we'll be going with undead WWII soldiers, primarily nazis... mmm, Nazi Zombies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Cud Chewing

I can be surprisingly superstitious, something I attribute heavily to the Thai end of my upbringing.  It has served me well in some cases, by making me cautious, but the neuroticism that accompanies superstition can be stifling. In particular, it applies to me when it comes to mentioning good fortune.  I am incredibly uncomfortable when it comes to admitting that all dominos did indeed fall as planned.  Almost to the point that it feels shameful and an outright tempting of fate, to mention that I have been experiencing good fortune.  That being said, internally I am fully aware when the winds of good fortune strike my sails, and I am fully grateful towards the universe and the powers that be... it's just rare that I would mention it or if I do, I will downplay it to a minor stroke of luck.  Anyhow, it's a habit I'm tweaking, and so far, dare I say it, my freelance business is finally showing some signs of life...
*knocks on wood*

On a side note, I have used and abused my first pocket sketchbook of the year, here's the last page:

On the digital painting side of things:

Those of you who are fans of my dear Mana's work may potentially recognize this scamp >;3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in the saddle.

Despite my own best efforts at thwarting my posts [self-criticism can be a bitch], I will keep on going.  Still need to up frequency of posts big time though since I do have a lot to say, I just need to sit myself down and articulate it in writing.  Always simple to say, harder to do.  

Important news first:
The flash game Castaway has come out.  
I worked on this game with my friend/colleague Wojcik over at Likwidgames.  I did all the backgrounds along with the main character.  The game itself is relatively simply, and we've already got a giant list of ideas and concerns we will need to address in its eventual sequel.  

This in turn marks the beginning of our newest project.  Our main goal with this game is to hopefully narrow the scope down enough for a two man team to get a playable game out within a 1-2 month timeframe. For the time being I will refer to the project as "Valkyrie" [How inventive, I know.] , but hopefully have a finalized name soon enough.  Here are concept sketches of the main character/unit.

On a side note, I also need to get a finished painting of Strauss done.  Who is Strauss you say?  You folks will find out soon enough >:3 [Pssst, there's a sketch of him on the bottom.]