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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Valkyrie 002

Refined the protagonist concept a little bit [her name is Brunhilde by the way ;3 ] and decided on a potential colour scheme.  I threw in a quick colour and texture for the background, something desaturated and med-high value, since that will be the predominant setting for backgrounds.  In contrast to that, I purposely chose the baby blue and yellow as Brunhilde's colours because it forces her to "pop" on top of the play screen.  Plus, it's a "regal" colour set and will help differentiate her from the primarily green-brown-ish zombies.  The last thing people need is loosing track of the player piece during gameplay.  The blue-yellow combo may not be her final colour set, but the high saturation will remain.

Also, once the image is shrunk to the in game size of 48x64, one can notice the guns disappearing into the background.  This is something I will have to fix since seeing the guns recoil and animate is essential for visual feedback and general sense of kick-ass-ness.

1 comment:

  1. Just thicker outlines around the guns will do it. Maybe a bit of sharpening as well.