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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Cud Chewing

I can be surprisingly superstitious, something I attribute heavily to the Thai end of my upbringing.  It has served me well in some cases, by making me cautious, but the neuroticism that accompanies superstition can be stifling. In particular, it applies to me when it comes to mentioning good fortune.  I am incredibly uncomfortable when it comes to admitting that all dominos did indeed fall as planned.  Almost to the point that it feels shameful and an outright tempting of fate, to mention that I have been experiencing good fortune.  That being said, internally I am fully aware when the winds of good fortune strike my sails, and I am fully grateful towards the universe and the powers that be... it's just rare that I would mention it or if I do, I will downplay it to a minor stroke of luck.  Anyhow, it's a habit I'm tweaking, and so far, dare I say it, my freelance business is finally showing some signs of life...
*knocks on wood*

On a side note, I have used and abused my first pocket sketchbook of the year, here's the last page:

On the digital painting side of things:

Those of you who are fans of my dear Mana's work may potentially recognize this scamp >;3

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