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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project Valkyrie 003

The game play itself is developing at a brisk pace.  Granted the game play is relatively straightforward and derived from existing examples, but it definitely helps keep a fire under my ass when the co-designer is spearheading the production.  I need to hurry up and get all 8 directions [5 unique directions, 3 are mirrored] for Brunhilde, our heroine.
Apart from an evident colour change [Mike much prefered camo-based colours, I was on the fence, but eventually agreed that it will work out best], I've redesigned the guns.  In particular, I made sure the guns cast a strong silhouette, in this case, a shape reminiscent of certain tank turrets.  I have to bear in mind that the character will remain small ingame and so focusing on minor details yields little results in the long run [no pun intended, honest].  Only large shapes and patterns are recognizable once the character is shrunk onto a game screen.

In other news, more sketches :D !

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