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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in the saddle.

Despite my own best efforts at thwarting my posts [self-criticism can be a bitch], I will keep on going.  Still need to up frequency of posts big time though since I do have a lot to say, I just need to sit myself down and articulate it in writing.  Always simple to say, harder to do.  

Important news first:
The flash game Castaway has come out.  
I worked on this game with my friend/colleague Wojcik over at Likwidgames.  I did all the backgrounds along with the main character.  The game itself is relatively simply, and we've already got a giant list of ideas and concerns we will need to address in its eventual sequel.  

This in turn marks the beginning of our newest project.  Our main goal with this game is to hopefully narrow the scope down enough for a two man team to get a playable game out within a 1-2 month timeframe. For the time being I will refer to the project as "Valkyrie" [How inventive, I know.] , but hopefully have a finalized name soon enough.  Here are concept sketches of the main character/unit.

On a side note, I also need to get a finished painting of Strauss done.  Who is Strauss you say?  You folks will find out soon enough >:3 [Pssst, there's a sketch of him on the bottom.]

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