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Monday, June 14, 2010

Project Valkyrie 001-Quick Character Concepts

It occurred to me that I might as well be a little more transparent in regards to my game development process, seeing as I have not bound myself to an NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement].  It would be very hard to sue myself ...although I'm sure with enough legal hoops and lawyer creativity, such a precedent would be possible.

Hypothetical musings aside, Project Valkyrie is a simple top down, move and shoot game.  We plan on having some fun with the weapons, but the game play itself will be pretty standard.  Here's a quick sketch of our heroine, Brunhilde, here with weapons and what seems to be oddly rendered wheels: [Note to self:  Draw angled ellipses more often].

Wojcik, my co-developer and cohort at Likwidgames, mentioned that wheeled legs gave a "Rosie", of Jetson's fame, -type feel.  I was inclined to agree with him and so I experimented with a pair of petite sexy legs:
It'll make the animations a little tougher but I think having her sashay around the screen with two huge gun-arms makes for fun visualization.

As for the enemies, we'll be going with undead WWII soldiers, primarily nazis... mmm, Nazi Zombies.

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