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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Refining and absorbing advice.

Today was incredibly uplifting, not just that I got started on a few small contracts here and there, but I also got the chance to catch up with some old friends/colleagues over at Ph03nix New Media.  Nothing like hashing ideas over with folks and getting back feedback to further trim the project.  I find the more I document, the more material I actually end up removing or simplifying, in an attempt to keep things from growing out of proportion.

This is tougher than it sounds.  When you get a room full of people with differing ideas about one destination, the conversation becomes a distillation process of the ideas that are ejected forth.  The key is to try to lump as many ideas into cohesive bite size chunks, without having others feel like you are ignoring their points.  I cannot accommodate everyone's thoughts, but I can sure as hell try to get a little tidbit of everyone's brainchild into the mix.  The key is ending up with a cohesive love child of a game, as opposed to a Frankenstein abomination, barely holding together at the seams.

Tomorrow should be even more interesting.

In the meantime, some bus sketches along with some sprite work samples for an upcoming browser game :D !

Last but not least, the game's main protagonist undergoes a beating depending upon his HP. An homage to early fps's like Doom and Wolfenstein.

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